Register your team

    You have all your team members and you are ready to play. Now all you need to do is sign up for a tournament. There are two ways to register, online or by mail. Follow the appropriate link below to register now.
    Online registration

    Mail-in registration

    Still looking for team members? Find players looking for a team on the draft board. (hyperlink)

    Still looking for a team? Fill out the form here (hyperlink) and we’ll try to find you one.

    And if you are still looking for a tournament, view tournament schedules here. (hyperlink)

    A late fee of $30 will be assessed on all registrations that are not completed and submitted by the deadline of the tournament.

    All fees are nonrefundable once the registration deadline has passed. Tournament selections may be changed (refund or selection of another tournament) before the tournament deadline.

    Your team is not officially entered into any tournament until your completed registration form, roster, signed waiver, and payment is received.

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