4 Winter Tournaments Package Discount

    November 15, 2015 is the deadline for the 4 Tournament Package Deadline.  Select 4 Winter Tournaments and receive $120 off.  Select additional tournaments and receive another $25 off the original price. Register online or call 316-284-0354!

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    2015 Winter Kickoff Tournament

    The 2015 Winter Kickoff will be held December 5-6 in the Wichita, KS.  Over 180 boys and girls teams in the 1st through 8th grade played last year.  Include the Winter Kickoff in your 4 tournament package to receive discounts.  Register online or call 316-284-0354, registration deadline is Nov. 23.

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    3rd and 4th Grade Shootout

    A tournament for the little guys and girls on February 27-28!  Separate 3rd grade division and separate 4th grade division.  Teams of all ability levels are welcome.  Multiple brackets are available in each division giving you the chance to play against teams of similar ability.

    Games are played in the Wichita, KS area.

    Registration deadline is February 15.

    Register online or call 316-284-0354!

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    2016 Winter Finale Tournament

    Close out the Winter season by joining us for the 2016 Winter Finale on April 2-3.  MAYB is expecting more than 170 teams participating in this tournament with multiple brackets in each grade division.  Boys and Girls in Grades 1 – 12 are welcome to attend this event located in the Wichita/Newton, KS area.  Sign up today for $220 (4 game guarantee), the registration deadline is March 16.  Register online or call 316-284-0354 with questions.

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    Summer Tournament Package

    The Summer Tournament Package is available until May 1st.  Choose any 4 Summer Tournaments and SAVE!

    4 Tournaments with Summer Kickoff Tournament included = $990

    4 Tournaments without Summer Kickoff Tournament = $1100

    Each additional tournament = $225

    (Individual Summer Tournaments cost $315 each)

    Summer Tournament Package Deadline is May 1st.  Register today online or call 316-284-0354.

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    2016 Summer Kickoff

    Be a part of the largest summer basketball tournament in the USA on June 10-12 in the Wichita/Newton, KS area. Last year 750 teams from 20 states participated in this event. In 2015, we utilized more than 90 school and college gyms in the Central Kansas area. Each team receives a minimum of 5 games. Ability based brackets are used after pool play with awards for all levels of competition. All Kansas teams are to participate in the Summer Kickoff because of the fundraising efforts for MAYB.

    Make the Summer Kickoff part of your 4 Tournament Package and SAVE!

    Register online or Call 316-284-0354.

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    2016 1-2A Championships

    This is a unique tournament organized for only the small school teams. All 1A and 2A school teams are invited to participate in Wichita on June 17-19, 2016. With a 5 game guarantee this is a great way for your team to get court time this summer. Register online at www.mayb.com or call 316-284-0354.

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    2016 "Academy Sports + Outdoors" MAYB National Championships

    The MAYB season will end with the highly competitive National Championship Tournament on August 4-7, 2016. MAYB is pleased to announce Academy Sports + Outdoors as the title sponsor of the National Championships.

    The boys’ event is hosted in the Wichita, KS area and the girls’ event is hosted in the Oklahoma City, OK area. The National Tournament varies slightly from the other tournaments with a 4-game guarantee. This year two divisions will be offered after pool play.  The top two teams in each pool will compete in the division 1 bracket and the bottom 2 teams will compete in the division 2 bracket.  This will ensure competitive games throughout the tournament.

    Last year over 825 teams throughout the nation participated in this fast growing event. Over 25 states were represented making this event a true National Championship!

    Pricing includes:

    Played in 4+ summer tournaments – Nationals is $300.

    Played in 1-3 summer tournament – Nationals is $325.

    Nationals is only summer tournament – $350.

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